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We present several realizations - offers made by our company.
Hydroisolation of a surface
Polyurea coat

Polyureas are 2-component, fast-cure resin systems with elastomeric properties, delivered to the application site in the form of liquid resins and only on site with the spraying unit are mixed and applied to the surface. General use of polyureas are anticorro
Isolation – polyurea
PUR Foam
PUR Foam
Insulation with PUR foam

Insulation with PUR polyurethane foam is: Excellent insulation properties Material healthy for you and safe for the environment. Sealed and seamless thermal insulation. High vapor permeability (no condensation), better air qua
Isolation Roof
Polyurea - Roof

The project consisted of applying a polyurea insulation on a 700 m2 roof, a two-component polyurea coating based on pure polyurea, 100% solids, environmentally friendly, absolutely watertight, corrosion and wear resistant, perfectly adherent to the substrate, Deprived of wel
Isolation Floor
Isolation of the surface - Hall
Insulation of the floor surface Isolation of the hall with an area of 2000 m2 - the project was used TECHNOPOL and DOW projects.
Substrate – floors
Isolation of the Production halls

An epoxy resin Floor made of epoxy resin

Production halls

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